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Course objective: Provide personal, educational, and professional training and mentorship for African multilingual youth.

Program duration: Six months

Online learning platform: Google Classroom

Learning Objective:

Students will develop an awareness of the personal strengths and skills required to pursue an active role at the local and global level by completing four personal growth projects during the six-month program.

They will work on self-paced learning projects through activities, resources, lectures, and assignments that will be posted per session.  Students will receive one-on-one tutoring and mentorship from global volunteers and partners.  Students will have one monthly synchronous meeting.  They will be assigned an adviser under the supervision and mentorship of the program’s two co-directors:  Mr. Nilson DaSilva in the United States and Mr. Gale Moses in South Sudan. Upon completion of the following sessions students will receive a certificate of completion or a certificate of attendance. An ePortfolio containing the final products of each assignment will be created for each student.

Assignment 1 – English Language Development

  • Language assessment – listening, writing, reading and writing skills

  • English as a second language learning process

  • Final Product – Personal Narrative – “Who Am I?”

Assignment 2 – Skills and Employability

  • 21st Century skills

  • Employability Skills

  • Final Product – Resume

Assignment 3 – Strategic Life Plan

  • Critical thinking and the evaluation of life goals (action plan)

  • Design a one-five year life plan that includes core values, strategic focus areas, and action steps

  • Final Product – Strategic Life Plan

Assignment 4 – Entrepreneurship/Business Plan – from Local to Global

  • Strategic leadership

  • Strategic Business Modules of Assessment – Practicum

  • Final Product – Strategic Business Plan

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