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An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its present and a link to its future.


The Kendita Initiative Alumni Association

The Kendita Initiative will provide an opportunity for all graduates of its program to form an Alumni Association. “An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its present and a link to its future.”

An Alumni Association network is an association of graduates (former students) whose purpose is to support a network of former graduates who will, in turn, help raise the profile of the school/program. Alumni associations aim to bring together like minded individuals and to offer services in line with members’ needs.

Alumni can play an active, mutually beneficial role in voluntary programs like mentoring students in their area of expertise, reaching out to one another and future cohorts to share their expertise and best practices in navigating resources and educational and employable opportunities to one another.

Four ways alumni associations create a powerful impact:

By joining the alumni association of the Kendita Association members show that they are willing to give back to this program as a sign of their gratitude and affinity. As this program grows, the alumni network will allow its participants to reconnect with classmates and expand their professional network through this “alumni only” environment.

Mission Statement

The Kendita Initiative Alumni Association is an independent non-profit multilingual African youth leadership program that was organized in April 2021 in Juba, South Sudan and in Lusaka, Zambia. The first alumni group received a certificate of completion from the academic program in March 2021.

The purpose of this volunteer-led association is to further the program’s goals by mentoring and creating volunteer opportunities for other African youth leaders. The Alumni board embodies the belief that alumni are a key component in the continued success of the Kendita Initiative. The Alumni Association will provide an alumni network to support alumni programs and services and provide opportunities to share resources, talents and initiatives in Juba, South Sudan and Lusaka, Zambia.

The Kendita Initiative Alumni Association will affirm the values and mission of the Kendita Initiative program through the human diversity and enrichment it brings to our lives and a commitment to life-long learning, discovery and engagement.

Alumni Association Officers

Catherine Iliwa Patrick

Catherine Iliwa Patrick

Evans Kenyi

Evans Kenyi

Kenyi Tommy

Kenyi Tommy


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