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Kendita Initiative and Juba Public Peace Library Join Forces

In March of 2021 the Juba Public Peace Library in South Sudan agreed to offer space in the library for the Kendita Initiative to provide young multilingual African youth leaders an opportunity to become productive, self-sustaining adults through continuing educational opportunities. This space will be called the Kendita Corner.

The Kendita Corner space provided by the library has as its objective the collaboration and participation of both organizations for the benefit of the population serviced by the Juba Public Free Library in South Sudan. This office space provided by the library will be used for mentoring sessions and group meetings. The Kendita Initiative will provide patrons of the Juba Public Free Library the opportunity to gain educational skills that would enhance their development and help them gain confidence by providing an advisory presence in mentoring, resume writing, and strategic life planning goals. The Kendita Initiative alumni are encouraged to volunteer at the library. One of the founders of the initiative, Gale Moses Azaria will be at the Kendita Corner in the library three afternoons a week.

The first formal occasion for use of the library took place on March 13, 2021. Graduates of the first cohort of the Kendita Initiative Program were provided with a ceremonial gathering space and a very warm reception. Yawusa Kentha, Co-Director of the library, delivered an inspirational address to the graduates. For many, this was the first time that they had been in the library.

The picture below shows the graduates with their certificates flanked by Yawusa Kentha, Chairman and Co-Founder of the South Sudan Library on the left and Gale Moses, Co-Founder of the Kendita Initiative on the right.


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