Cohort 2 – Completed Program November 2021

Maureen Banda

Maureen hails from Lusaka, Zambia. Although she is trained as and has worked as an Accountant, for the last several years she has dedicated her time and money to educating the poor children in Lusaka. She is the founder and CEO of the Light for the Future Community School which started with five children and now enrolls over 300 students.  Maureen’s plan is holistic…she sees the vulnerability of the women and brings them together to discuss issues that affect their lives, she offers programs for the young people so they do not fall victim to the dangers that surround them, and she dreams of starting a farm in the area so the people can grow food to alleviate their hunger.

Richard Michael Dimond

Richard is a fourth year student at Upper Nile University, studying Business Administration.  He proudly taught at his primary school and currently volunteers with the Red Cross in Juba.  Richard understands that a key element of introducing change in a community is to work with and become involved in the community, which he has done through his volunteer teaching work and with programs that support women and girls. He also knows the role education plays in the country’s efforts to provide a better future for its people. To that end, Richard would someday like to open a primary school.

Taiyza Matandık

Taiyza, who comes from a loving family, is the oldest of five children. Facing challenging social situations as a young girl made her realize she was meant to be a leader. She is currently finishing up her law degree and plans to enroll in a  Marketing program after graduation. Taizya is interested in a venture where she would provide the finances for a family to buy rice and then they would plant the rice, keep some, and sell the rest and split the profits with her. This year, she is using money she saved from her various jobs to start-up a company that will serve people who are not eligible to get loans from a bank.

Lameck Tembo

Lameck, from Zambia, is happily married and the proud father of a beautiful 4 year old daughter.  He is currently the Finance Officer for the Strength in Sisters Foundation and is the Youth Chairperson, responsible for youth activities for the Copperbelt Baptist Churches Association.  He has taken many enrichment courses and has volunteered in many civic endeavors.  Going forward, in addition to caring for the needs of his family, and continuing his education, he hopes to grow his faith-based organization.

Theresa Tembo

Theresa, a mother of three, has met with some adversity in life but through a combination of determination, hard work, resourcefulness, and a can-do attitude she has managed to succeed. She has worked hard in a variety of businesses AND she has taken courses in computer basics, Office Administration, and Bible studies. Life has taught her a lot and in the future she hopes to pass on her knowledge to make life better for other people. She is interested in expressing her leadership abilities and empowering others, opening a shelter, or working as an office manager.

Lily Singelengele

Lily, who has an extensive background in agriculture, is the founder and CEO of the GREEN Agriculture Youth Organization (GAYO) that promotes sustainable farming techniques in the villages around Lusaka. GAYO’s focus is on the women and youth in the  villages. Lily is also a spokeswoman/advocate for the nutritional needs of poor people in Zambia. She is a frequent speaker at world-wide conferences on sustainable agriculture. Thanks to her leadership, GAYO has received a multi-year grant to promote climate change advocacy training.

Amon Zulu – Zambia

Agricultural professional with knowledge of modern agricultural techniques, poultry disease control and sales representation. Graduate of Zambia College of Agriculture.

Asiki Moses Simon – South Sudan

Pursuing diploma in IT. Employed as network marketer.  Supported enrollment and verification activities for girls’ education in South Sudan. Excellent computer application skills.

Peter Awar Chuti Riak – South Sudan

Proficient in basic computer application for software and hardware. Graphic designer, posters, tee shirts, banners, booklets.  Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Elias Undo Stanslao- South Sudan

Diploma in social work/administration.  YALI Entrepreneurship Training.  Management/leadership skills,  Makerere University, Uganda.  Project officer for women’s peace and security in South Sudan.

Emily Sakala Dustin – Zambia

Certificate in Guidance and counseling/child counseling and a diploma in HIV/AIDS prevention.

Emanueli Lameck Maliga – Tanzania

Experience as forklift operator helper.  Loves music and singing.

Deborah Yar Juma – South Sudan

Attending University of Juba.  Certificate in basic computing.  Employed as writer for Dawn Newspaper.

Chipo Bundo – Zambia

Teaches poultry farming and formed a group of volunteers to make poultry farming a source of income. 

Garang Gordon Kuol – South Sudan

Truck operator for Africa Resource Corporation highway projects.  Involved in National Ministry of youth and sports in Juba and the Good Shepherd Foundation in Juba.  Involved in strategic planning and communication on humanitarian issues.

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