Our Students

Each student is unique. Each is eager to improve his or her status and become a leader in the community and their country.

Our Students

The Kendita Initiative was developed to provide a diverse cohort of multilingual African youth leaders with basic educational tools to develop and complement their desire to become leaders and entrepreneurs at a local and global level.  Young leaders enroll in the Kendita Initiative to become change agents in their community and nation.  Their diverse backgrounds include high school graduates to university graduates and current students. 

Our current cohort consists of 14 male students and 7 female students. Some of the students grew up in rural villages outside of Juba but many are from the urban inner city of Juba. Several have lived in refugee camps and others have travelled and lived in rural areas searching for schools that offered an English language education before coming to Juba.

Their varied educational experiences include a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with an animal production and nutrition emphasis, a degree in Accounting/Finances from the University of Juba, a freshmen at the university focusing on Environmental Studies, several students with computer science backgrounds,  a librarian, baker, tailor, and health worker.  These students are making a difference in their community through their involvement with many humanitarian efforts.

In spite of the difficult adversities that they have had to overcome, they are dedicated and committed to making a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Our Students’ Stories

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In Their Own Words

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Need To Change

Mia Janne
Everyday, I get constant motivation to do my best by challenging myself to learn new skills that helped me do better work.
I’m known for being an influential person who stirs up for change.
...I want to acquire more knowledge so that I can attain my dreams to support/ change the life of youths in my community via various initiatives I have been involved in.
... I want to improve my knowledge and language and also to become a good leader in near future.
I will give back to the community where I came from and will to inspire special young men and women out there to help them make a change in their societies.
I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself, I think I have something to strive towards

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